The Face of ANTIQUES

Lee Anna Ward
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Lee Anna Ward started her career 31 years ago by offering authentic English antiques from a shop in her hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Once she moved her business to OKC, many other retailers discovered her excellent pricing, which meant her shop quickly became empty!

Ward then closed the retail shop to begin a wholesale business for out-of-state antique stores, opening her warehouse several times a year for public events. After deciding to focus mainly on the wholesale business, she recalled her father’s words: “Always remember your roots, it’s what keeps you grounded.” Ward quickly realized it was the public who launched her career, and felt the need to continue including the public in her business.

Ward figured out a way to still do her wholesale business and provide items to the public: She moved her main office to a studio in Casady Square. Public events are now held in the studio instead of her warehouse.

Authenticity is important to Ward, who travels to the UK four times a year to purchase all of her inventory. Antique carved furniture, china, Staffordshire and silver items are always found in the studio for the public.

She is also an experienced designer, from commercial to residential projects, and despite what some might expect, designs for the client and their taste, not just the “English” aesthetic.

Customers quickly become friends to Ward, who welcomes each person with kindness and gratefulness. “After moving to the area 20 years ago with an already established business, the 405 quickly became my life, my home and my friends. For that I am forever grateful,” she says.

All public events are found on Notting Hill Antiques’ social media pages and website, so the public can stay informed of events and items picked out just for them.


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