The Face of Estate Planning & Probate

Emily Eleftherakis
Eleftherakis Faces


Emily Eleftherakis has taken her experience at one of the city’s most prestigious law firms and combined it with her client-focused approach to create what she calls a “one-stop shop for families and small businesses.”


“The focus is on estate planning and probate,” she says, “and that’s the majority of my work, but I can also help clients with legal issues related to small business start up, oil and gas – I used to run title, so I get it – and even civil rights.”


A native of Bartlesville, Eleftherakis attended Oklahoma State and then OCU Law. She and her husband have two boys, and he is a partner in a popular hospitality group in OKC, another factor in her broad-based, small business experience.


“I love sitting down with clients and making them feel comfortable,” she says. “I think the best approach is to have them tell me what they want, whether it’s a new business, a will or a probate issue. And then by listening to their needs, I can craft the best legal solution. I think of it as a comfortable, compassionate environment I’m creating.”


Estate planning is common in firms around the city, but Eleftherakis believes the best estate planning happens when you listen to the client and understand not just their needs, but their lives.  


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