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The Faces of Custom Furnishing

  A home’s interior is as unique as its owner.

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A home’s interior is as unique as its owner. Providing the ability to bring custom design to a home’s décor is why Amie Cook and Janice Carty are this year’s Faces of Custom Furnishings.

Unlike big online companies or furniture warehouse chains, Cook’s and Carty’s retail shop, The Wood Garden, is family-owned and focused on custom furniture and design.

“Our main focus is to cater with service,” Cook says. “I think that’s what people know and have learned about us: We are service-oriented. We can do anything custom. We can do a room or a single piece of furniture.”

Cook said customizing furniture includes choices in size, fabric, design and more. 

“We do custom pillows, artwork, lighting. If we don’t have it on the floor, we can search and help you find it. There’s not a limit to what you can design,” she says. “Our client’s homes are their own sanctuaries. Every homeowner needs it to work for them. We focus on comfort and functional pieces that work with the client’s lifestyle, with a goal to make their home feel both personal and comfortable.”

Their appreciation for individuality extends to more than furnishings, too. Cook continues, “OKC’s small businesses are what make our city’s shopping experience unique and personal, and we would like to thank everyone for their support through these crazy times.”


7560 N. Western, OKC