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The Faces of IV THERAPY

  Jonathan Jordan and Dr.

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Jonathan Jordan and Dr. Chris Shadid founded OK Cryo and Infusion IV Therapy as a means to offer better recovery options to athletes and serious fitness customers. IV therapy and cryo therapy provide immediate results for a range of needs – from hangovers to accelerated heal- ing from sports-related injuries. “We started the businesses to build on to what our customer base needed,” Jordan says. “Working out of Lighthouse (and now Oklahoma Athletic Center), we had the opportunity to provide solutions for high school athletes, professionals, cross-fitters, weightlifters – everyone who took fitness seriously.”

IV therapy infuses a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, zinc and other ingredients to speed recovery, and unlike supplements or pills orally ingested, the IV begins to work almost immediately. Dr. Shadid said the infusions can also help people with chronic conditions, like immune deficiency.

Cryo therapy sessions last three minutes, in which clients are subjected to temperatures between -150 and -250 degrees F. The goal is to reduce the skin temperature to 30 degrees F.

“At that point, the system goes into fight/flight mode, and blood surges into the inner core,” Shadid says.

“The patient gets a redirected flow of nutrient-blood. It helps with recovery from inflammation, increases metabolism, tightens skin and reduces cellulite.”

OK Cryo works with protocols based on national guidelines to ensure the safety of their clients. Booking is available online.


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