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  A focus on relationship banking is what sets Valliance Bank apart.

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A focus on relationship banking is what sets Valliance Bank apart. It’s a principle by which Valliance operates, with a focus on understanding customers’ goals and objectives to build loyalty. Valliance believes in bringing the bank to you, offering personal, business and private banking solutions for clients across multiple locations in Oklahoma and Texas.

“We focus on making each client’s experience the best possible by providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs,” said vice president and manager Stephanie Comer. “We strategize with them to develop a plan to fulfill the vision for their business.”

Valliance Bank was established in Oklahoma City in 2004 as a financial partner to business owners and executives interested in customized solutions to their banking needs. The bank has grown to now include locations in Norman, Oklahoma, and Fort Worth and McKinney, Texas – all chartered to focus specifically on the needs of their local customers.

“We are a local, community bank,” said Samantha Robertson, assistant vice president and commercial lender. “That’s important, because we are able to be responsive in a way that others simply cannot, as well as give back to the communities in which we serve. We don’t focus on transactions; we focus on relationships.”

Valliance has assembled a team of friendly bankers who are responsive and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy customers’ needs every day.

“We get financial obstacles out of our clients’ way, so they can spend time building their business and doing what it is they do best,” Comer said.


210 Park Ave. #200

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

(405) 792-6400