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Top 10 Vegetarian Dishes in OKC You’ll Fall in Love With

Oklahoma’s vegetarian dining scene is mature enough now that a host of options exist for diners from vegan to flexatarian.

Choate House

Photo by Choate House

Oklahoma’s vegetarian dining scene is mature enough now that a host of options exist for diners from vegan to flexatarian. The list of restaurants that specialize in plant-based and vegetarian options is well known, but great options also pop up in unexpected places. We took a look at concepts better known as omnivore destinations to find 10 vegetarian dishes everyone should try.

Photo by Goro Ramen & Izakaya
  1. The Hamilton Lounge & Supperette, 12232 N May, OKC – Diners love the pork chop, quail knots, and rib eye—and rightly so—but executive chef-partner Stephanie Miller also handles vegetarian dishes (and dessert) with equal skill. The bruschetta cavatappi is an explosively flavorful blend of pasta, house-made sauce with parmesan-basil puree, and balsamic reduction.
  2. Goro Ramen & Izakaya, 3000 Paseo, OKC – When Rachel Cope combined Goro and Gun in Paseo, she kept parts of both menus so we’d all be less sad about the loss of Gun. The tofu nikuman are fried tofu—which helps the texture for those unsure of diving in to this unfairly maligned ingredient—with mushroom sauce and pickled mustard greens, and while they’re technically vegan, no one who tastes the complex and wonderful layers of flavor is likely to fret about the designation.
  3. Patrono, 305 N Walker, OKC – Executive chef Jonathan Krell adds delicious vegetarian dishes to all his menus, but the latest fall menu contains what is his best option to date: smoked mushroom ragout with polenta. The ragout is a mix of five mushrooms (maitake, beech, crimini, oyster, and shiitake) and red wine-tomato sauce, and it’s served over rosemary polenta with Parmigiano-Reggiano. Texturally, and to some extent flavor-wise, it’s like eating delicious Italian barbecue.
  4. Black Walnut, 100 NE 4th, OKC – It’s not the most elegant-sounding name, but the veggie balls at Chef Andrew Black’s Deep Deuce concept are fantastic, largely because they combine two of our favorite things: mushrooms and lentils. They’re served with tomato sauce, and tofu helps keep the texture of each bite a little creamier. 
  5. Oozie Mediterranean, 1211 N Shartel, OKC – This is the best Lebanese joint you’ve never heard of, and the family recipes are about as traditional and rustic as you’re likely to find. There are regular features on the menu, and while some come and go, mujadara is usually available. The lentils, rice, and caramelized onions work fine by themselves, but they also function very well as a vehicle for combining other flavors on pita. 

    Photo from Black Walnut
  6. Benvenuti’s Ristorante, 105 W Main, Norman – Executive chef Anthony Compagni doesn’t get anywhere close to the recognition he deserves, and while his menu is pretty straightforwardly traditional Italian, he also includes vegetarian options executed with the same skill and care you’ll find everywhere on his menu. The Ravioli di Fiori is beautiful in its simplicity: goat cheese ravioli with San Marzano sauce, brown butter, Parmesan, and crispy sage.
  7. Sheesh Mahal, 4621 N May, OKC – Indian restaurants are well-known treasure troves for vegetarians, and Sheesh Mahal—a Pakistani restaurant with Indian options—is widely considered the best of its kind in the metro, as well as one of the best restaurants top to bottom. The curry menu includes several vegetarian options, including delicious mixed dal, a lentil curry that you’ll want to ladle over masala rice. 
  8. Mediterranean Deli, Imports & Gastro Goods, 5620 N May, OKC – Chef Christine Dowd and partners have continued the tradition of excellent Mediterranean cuisine at the late Atif Asal’s restaurant-deli. The Vegetarian Platter offers a variety that includes mujadara, falafel, tabouli, and hummus. 
  9. Cheever’s Cafe, 2409 N Hudson, OKC – As if cauliflower bread pudding wasn’t already one of the best vegetarian options in the city, A Good Egg has added a fire-roasted chile relleno to the menu. Served with farro, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccolini, and guajillo vinaigrette, it’s intensely flavorful and hearty.

    Stitch Cafe
    Photo by Bailey Rucker
  10. Stitch Cafe, 835 W Sheridan, OKC – What if you could get a “pop tart” for lunch and for dessert?Yes, it’s a thing we dreamt of as kids, but unlike so many childhood food fantasies, Stitch can make this one come true. Plus, both involve cactus. The jalapeño-cactus tart is a three-cheese blend with nopales, garlic and lime, and the prickly pear-strawberry tart has jam with strawberry icing. This is the best use of cactus we’ve seen outside a taqueria or Burritos el Tin-Tan.