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Unknown Artists at Untitled

Emily Reynolds recognizes lesser-known creators


Emily Reynolds is an art dealer who specializes in the work of lesser-known artists – many of whom are no longer living. If that sounds odd, it’s because dealers typically work with living creators or with works from deceased artists with established names.

“I’m passionate about finding gems from artists who never got recognition for their work during their lives,” Reynolds says. “I focus primarily on the 20th century, especially early 20th, but I have older pieces, as well.”

Her company is Anonyma Fine Arts, and 40 of her best pieces (some whose creators are still with us) will be on display at Artspace at Untitled, 1 NE Third Street in Deep Deuce, starting Jan. 31. The works are for sale, and an opening reception from 5-8 p.m. is free and open to the public. Reynolds said that the pieces range in size from small drawings to a 4-foot by 2.5-foot painting, and the price range is from about $100 to $2,000, which means that anyone looking to add art to their home or office will find something in their price range.

Alexa Goetzinger, education director at Artspace at Untitled, said the show is unusual because the gallery typically works with living artists – and because owner Laura Warriner would normally curate a show, but she’s trusted Reynolds to decide how best to show the pieces for “The Art of Collection,” as the show is named.

“Curation and collectors are important parts of the contemporary art scene,” Goetzinger says, “and the premise of this show is the eye of the collector. Ordinarily, it would be arranged from Laura’s perspective, but this time Emily will decide which pieces are displayed prominently and which pieces go on what wall.”

For a collector who works out of her home, the space provided in the gallery feels like “room for the art to breathe.”

“It’s going to be wonderful to see them this way,” Reynolds says. “This is by far the most beautiful space I’ve worked in so far, and I’ve chosen works from India, Kuwait, Cuba, France, the U.S. and of unknown provenance.”

As for a theme, Reynolds has an eclectic collection, but abstracts, classic nudes and portraiture make up the majority of her pieces. Abstracts are popular right now, and Reynolds said she looks for pieces that add soul to a room.

“You can buy framed giclee prints or other commercial art in stores everywhere,” she says, “but for the same price, you can buy art with a story.”

As a Boston native, Reynolds was familiar with the Brimfield Antique show, which occurs three times a year in Massachusetts, and covers an area the size of a small town. Thousands of vendors flock to the show, and Reynolds attends once or twice a year to pick the pieces that will join her collection. Her approach to collecting and the stories behind some of her pieces will be the subject of Untitled’s Café Society at the gallery Feb. 28. A closing reception will be held March 14. More details about dates and times, as well as the show, are available at 1ne3.org.


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