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Vanessa House Beer Co. and EightTwenty create first solar-powered brewery

New beer collaboration with EightTwenty to be released during Earth Day celebration

Vanessa House released its first batch of sun-brewed beer at an Earth Day celebration for the public April 22. The brewery partnered with local solar energy company, EightTwenty, to install a 60.8 kW, 135-panel solar system to power the operations of their business.

The solar install, which was completed in October 2021, helps to offset the brewery’s utility costs, maximize energy efficiency and increase the sustainability of its operations. So far, the energy production of Vanesa House’s solar system has removed more than 52,700 pounds of carbon emissions, the equivalent of planting 395 mature trees in downtown Oklahoma City.

“I’m excited to say Vanessa House is now a producer of energy, not just beer,” said Evan Smith, co-owner of Vanessa House and President of the Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma. “Installing solar with EightTwenty is another step in the right direction of reducing our environmental impact and serving as a steward of our community. By using the sun to brew our beer, we are also minimizing major operational costs, allowing us to continue to innovate and grow our business.”

For its Earth Day celebration, EightTwenty sponsored “Live Solar” branded pint glasses for the first 50 customers to purchase the new beer on tap.

“We are proud to empower local companies like Vanessa House with the resources needed to live solar,” said Tony Capucille, Founder and CEO at EightTwenty. “This solar power plant will allow Vanessa House to offset their utility costs, maximize the energy efficiency of their business, and increase the sustainability of their operations to help foster healthier communities.”

The sun-brewed beer is an IPA titled Always Sunny In Rad City. It is a tip of the hat to the building’s owner, Adam Fink, who spearheaded the solar install.

Fink, an OKC developer and President of the neighboring Elevated Paver Systems, paid for the solar install on Vanessa House’s roof and is looking to power additional building space with solar moving forward.

“It’s exciting to see Vanessa House powering their operations with the sun,” Fink said. “As a landlord, it’s a no-brainer to use natural resources to meet the energy needs of our tenants and reduce the overall carbon footprint of our facilities. In the future we plan to add solar to the other two spaces next to Vanessa House, and we look forward to partnering with EightTwenty on those projects as well.”