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What Inspires Jeanie Webb?

What inspires Rose State College's President Jeanie Webb? Graduation day, her faith and actually taking time off are just a few things that keep her motivated.

Jeanie Webb, Rose State College president, has been at the helm of the college for 10 years, with a total of 30 years working in higher education. To keep herself fresh, she gets inspired by graduation day and makes sure she takes vacations – her favorite spot is Scotland.

How did you find your career?

Thanks to a community college that offered me a scholarship, I began my journey to become an educator. Once given the opportunity, I went on to a regional college for my undergraduate and graduate degrees, received a doctorate from a university and, ultimately, a post-graduate Kellogg Fellowship. If it weren’t for that community college, I would not have had the opportunities I’ve had in my life and career.

I had many mentors, but it was my mom who inspired me to go for my dreams. Even though she left this world much too young, her words still inspire me today. As a first-generation student, I can identify with many of our students at Rose State College.

What inspires you right now?

Graduation day. It is inspirational to look out into a sea of excited new graduates, all decked out in hats and gowns, and all relieved they finally made it to graduation. I know how lives can change through the power of education and how they can influence members of their family and friends to also pursue higher education.

What’s your best self-care advice?

Take time to do what works for you! I enjoy working out, trying to eat healthy and taking time to reflect and recharge.

Quote you love?

I agree with a quote I once read by Peter Drucker: “We are all charged with the responsibility of influencing the changes that will define our future.” I realized early that I could not just rely on good luck to get me where I would go, I had to work to make it happen. My mother once told me that if things didn’t work out for me not to blame others. I am responsible for my own success and happiness.

A scene from graduation day at Rose State College.
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How do you recharge?

In my job, it can be difficult to find time to take time off. In my early years, I didn’t do a very good job of taking vacations. But in recent years, we have taken off for vacation time, often in Scotland. This is my favorite place to go to get refreshed and recharge my battery.

What advice do you have for others who want to pursue your professional path?

My advice is to not be afraid to dream and not be afraid to dream BIG. Too often, I have seen gifted people not reach their potential because someone put a lid on their ceiling. They didn’t have the confidence to take a risk or to go for it and forever missed out on their best days.

Is there anything else that fills you up or motivates you to be better?

My faith in God is a constant motivation. The best tonic I have is just being around my family. I love spending time with my husband, daughter and two dogs. They make me happy. I love it when we are all together. It makes me a better person.

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