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10 Breakfast Spots You Need to Try Now

Breakfast these days is often reduced to a burrito in the car on the way to work, or perhaps a pastry and coffee from a local bakery.

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Breakfast these days is often reduced to a burrito in the car on the way to work, or perhaps a pastry and coffee from a local bakery. While sit-down breakfast has been supplanted for some by grab-n-go options or McDonald’s sausage-egg McMuffins (still waiting for a local joint to perfect that sandwich), brunch has been the weekend outworking of this dearth of breakfast. Are there still local places to get a great breakfast that you can sit and enjoy over a couple cups of coffee, though? Yes — and the variety in OKC is greater than ever. Here are 10 Breakfast Joints You Need to Try Now. 

Big Truck Tacos If you’ve had breakfast here, you already know it’s one of the best choices in the 405. Gemini burritos or Little Twins with a choice of protein are the way to go, but scramble the categories and you’ll be shocked at how affordable two tacos and a small chips and queso (with all the sauce options!) for breakfast are. Of course queso is a breakfast item. (530 NW 23rd St., OKC)

Cafe Evoke The transformation of this downtown Edmond coffee shop into a breakfast spot has been one of the great pleasant surprises of the post-pandemic dining-scape. Chef Chris McCabe’s pastrami and eggs is worth the drive (and the traffic), as are the cruffin and cinnamon roll. Excellent coffee from Middle State Coffee, and arguably the best London Fog in town, make this an easy choice. (103 S. Broadway Ave., Edmond)

Elemental Coffee This Midtown spot remains an excellent choice for coffee, conversation and breakfast. Elena Farrar’s food program has long impressed downtown diners and commuters, and the cookies — yes, cookies count as a breakfast item — are some of the best in the city. (815 N. Hudson Ave., OKC)

Jimmy’s EggThe cooks know how to make hash browns properly. It’s a shame that there are a very few spots about which that is true, but it’s the main reason Jimmy’s Egg remains an excellent choice for breakfast. No weird, misshapen tater nuggets, no undercooked, shredded potatoes, no inexplicably uniform and cohesive geometric wedge of potato product here — and you can always get a sausage and Monterey Jack omelet to go with your perfect hash browns. 

La Baguette BistroRare is the place that serves breakfast seven days a week outside of hotels, but this favorite French spot has been delivering perfect Croques Monsieurs and Madames for decades — to say nothing of the crepes — every morning, even the days when brunch is served. (7408 N. May Ave., OKC)

Mi Tierra Restaurant Sabor Catracho It’s tucked away where it’s hard to find, and you may never have heard of baleadas, the taco-meets-quesadilla breakfast dish popular in Honduras, but it’s a breakfast you should add to your repertoire. The service and food are exactly what you’d expect from a small, family-owned restaurant where the owners love what they do. (3043 NW 16th St., OKC)

Neighborhood JamIt’s hard not to love a place that still opens at 6:30 a.m., giving people with 8- or 9-to-5 gigs a chance to enjoy breakfast before going to work, rather than in the car on the way to work. Beyond the hours, the food is excellent, and so is the coffee.

Pupuseria Mi ChalatecaIt opens late-ish, but the traditional Salvadoran breakfast is a must-try in the city. Eggs with chorizo, soupy pureed beans (as they do in El Salvador), salty cheese, plantains, fresh tortillas and a green sauce you’ll wish you could take home with you. (2416 NW 23rd St., OKC)

Stitch Cafe The gringo tacos are fantastic, as are the burritos. The hand pies are what got it noticed; this Arts District breakfast-brunch joint is the one place in town you can have a strawberry-prickly pear hand pie, and a jalapeno-nopales hand pie. Because why wouldn’t you want sweet and savory for breakfast? Also, the coffee is excellent, but the horchata latte deserves its own statue out front. (835 W. Sheridan Ave., OKC)

Taqueria Rafita’s If you only get the chorizo and egg taco, you’ll be glad you stopped in — it’s the perfect breakfast taco — but find a way to work chile verde or rojo into your breakfast burrito, too. (1222 N. Penn, OKC)