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10 Metro Pastries You Need to Try Now

Here are 10 pastries you need to try now.

Photo provided by Ganache Patisserie

Pastries exist in a weird category we should just call “breakfast dessert.” Honestly, they often double as breakfast, but we’re not pretending they provide the nutrition your body needs to handle the first half of the day. They are delicious, though — and psychologically, at least, they can make the day seem better from the start. Here are 10 pastries you need to try now.

Harvey Bakery & Kitchen – The Midnight Cowboy croissant might be the best thing in a pastry case loaded with great things. OKC’s newest full-service bakery just off Midtown features this croissant with dark chocolate every day, and a few seconds in the microwave makes it even more magical. (301 NW 13th St., OKC)

Quincy Bake Shop – Trisha O’Donoghue is good at too many things to list — we just featured her babka in the April issue — but her cardamom bun was the first thing to make us realize that Quincy is something special. Called “kardemummabulle” in their native Sweden, these fragrant, filling pastries combine the best of European baking with one of south India’s famous spices. (1235 NW 38th St., OKC)

Ganache Patisserie – It’s hard not to get chocolate when you’re in this Chisholm Creek destination, but start the day with a flaky, buttery croissant, and then have chocolate. It’s delicious on its own, but it makes a brilliant vehicle for a breakfast sandwich, too. (13230 Pawnee Dr., OKC)

La Baguette Bistro – A tart is made with pastry, so it counts, even as it’s technically a dessert for any meal. Pear is also the most underrated fruit, especially in pies and tarts, so grab the pear and almond tarte to see how wonderful this combination is. (7408 N. May Ave., OKC)

Whipped Bakery Café – You’ll want to show up for the runzas eventually (immediately), but on the sweet side, the cream cheese danish is a delicious example of the classic pastry, often underappreciated because of its commercial availability in the form of overly sweet, dry bread. This version may be a revelation. (3820 N. MacArthur Blvd., Warr Acres)

Shell Belle’s Bakery – This Norman shop features a pretty extensive menu, including a variety of sweet and savory croissants. While the mixed berry is an easy yes, if you’re looking for even more indulgence, the Nutella croissant should do the trick. (331 White St., Norman)

Sunshine Baking Company – It includes the cinnamon roll on its pastry menu, and since we’re not food fundamentalists, we’ll simply nod our heads in agreement and approval. The key to a cinnamon roll is keeping the dough moist and not being too heavy-handed with icing/glaze and cinnamon; Sunshine nails it. (7705 S. Walker Ave., OKC)

Cafe Evoke  – We recently featured this downtown Edmond spot because it does everything well, from coffee to London Fog to Chef Chris McCabe’s delicious food. One of his creations is the cruffin: the offspring of a croissant and muffin. The flavors will rotate, but this is a must-try, and we’d love to see even more delicious mash-ups like this. (103 S. Broadway Ave., Edmond)

Elemental Coffee – You never know what Elena Hughes will have in the pastry case — besides cookies! — at this Midtown hub, but we’ve learned it will be delicious. Pick the right day, and you might get a ham and gruyere puff pastry or hand pie, or even a lemon blueberry hand pie. (815 N. Hudson Ave., OKC)

Stitch Cafe – Call ’em tarts, hand pies or pop-tarts for grownups, these pastries over-deliver on yummy. The strawberry and prickly pear is delightful on the sweet side, and the nopales with jalapeno is perfect for a savory punch. (835 W. Sheridan Ave., OKC)