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10 Norman restaurants you need to try now

Norman Nourishment.

Photos by Scotty O'Daniel.

Norman Nourishment. 

Norman, like many university cities, has some iconic eating and drinking spots, but it also has lesser known options that are absolutely worth your time.  Here are 10 Norman Restaurants to Try Now.

Photos by Scotty O’Daniel.

Blu, 201 S. Crawford Ave. 

This is the kind of restaurant that just belongs in a university town: quirky, fun, a sly sense of humor, good food, a diverse menu, an affordable and approachable wine list, a great bar program, patio dining and brunch. Blu is everything from special events with friends to a neighborhood watering hole to a date-night dinner.

El Huevo Mexi-Diner, 3522 24th Ave. NW

This brunch concept on Norman’s northern edge opened in 2019 and was immediately popular for good reason: the food is excellent. Someone needed to combine traditional brunch food with Tex-Mex favorites, and El Huevo nails the fusion. It also has one of the 405’s best chicken sandwiches.

Gourmet Donut, 518 N. Porter Ave.

This was one of the most common answers we got when we reached out for recommendations in Norman last year. A doughnut shop? Yes, and like any doughnut shop, it should be judged on the quality of its glazed doughnut. This one is magnificent.

Juan del Fuego, 223 34th Ave. SW 

Norman seems to be the epicenter of awesome Mexi-Diners — Juan del Fuego was one of the first and remains one of the best. Its regular breakfast items like eggs, bacon and pancakes are better than standard diners, but the tamales and eggs are wonderful.

Magic Noodle, 1915 Classen Blvd. 

The pandemic ended our hopes of having fresh, hand-pulled noodles at Magic Noodle on Classen in OKC, but you can still get the original in Norman. The menu has grown a bit over the years and now includes Singapore noodles, while the OG beef noodle soup is still a must.

Mamaveca, 2551 Hemphill Dr. 

You’re really here for the Peruvian food, even though its Mexican options are well done, too. The litmus test for all Pervuian restaurants is the huancaína sauce, which Mamaveca delivers with the papa a la huancaína — a staple Peruvian dish featuring potatoes in the rich sauce. It also features lunch specials and an excellent lomito saltado.

The Meating Place, 121 E. Main St. 

A barbecue joint with an excellent bar program? It’s a unicorn, really. The food is very good — definitely try the Cuban — and the big plus is a well-crafted, creative cocktail menu that just makes the experience better.

Midway Deli, 601 W. Eufaula St. 

Locally owned sandwich shops are too rare, and so is a sandwich that features turkey with pepperoni. Go to Midway, get The Vulcan, experience bliss. The sandwiches are built around creativity, interesting combinations and fresh ingredients.

Pepe Delgados, 786 Asp Ave.

This is that place that all the locals love but people outside the area don’t know well. It has Tex-Mex as well as a variety of traditional, regional Mexican cuisine, and you have to have the enchiladas with mole.

Scratch Kitchen and Cocktails, 132 W. Main St.

Technically, Brady Sexton’s Main Street hot spot is one we wouldn’t need to mention, but the addition of Chef Luke Frye to the kitchen has made this local favorite even better. Check out his weekly specials, and definitely get the burger at some point.