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3 Reasons Most Lawn Care Companies Are The Worst

Willis Lawn Services believes there's a better way to lawn care.

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Willis Lawn Services believes there’s a better way to lawn care.

We’ve all been there: we hire a lawn care company and a year later we walk out to get the mail and STILL find weeds all over the place. We’re rolling out our hard-earned dough and not seeing results. It’s frustrating.

There are three huge reasons we believe lawn care companies are leaving homeowners in the weeds.

Product offerings favor the lawn company over the customer

The issue: Most “agreements” homeowners get into with lawn companies are ripe with 12-month contracts and weak “free-retreatment” guarantees. Our customers have told us they just got tired of endlessly calling their previous company to continue treating the same weeds.

The solution: At Willis, we understand ‘lawn company fatigue.’ So, to make it easier for you we take on 100% of the risk. This means you don’t sign a contract, and you get all your money back (yep, up to a year’s worth!) if we can’t deliver the results you’re after.

Lawn companies aren’t easy to do business with or have poor communication

The issue: All disappointment is a result of unmet expectations. So, if you’re unable to easily communicate your needs to the lawn company, you’re left to stew with your questions in a state of frustration. Likewise, if the company doesn’t keep you up-to-speed on season-specific notes about lawn care, the results will never be as good as they could be.

The solution: To us, it’s important to meet you where you already are. You’re on Facebook, on your phone sending texts and in and out of your inbox. We’re there too. In fact, our technicians personally text you when they’re on their way for any last-minute questions. (Read what our customer’s say about how well we keep them in the loop.)

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Old school customer service standards

The issue: A new bar has been set for customer service in the 21st century. Companies like Amazon and Chick-Fil-A have pioneered a customer-first approach. Innovation in home services has been little to none leaving homeowners frustrated and waiting.

The solution: At Willis we review thousands of our customer surveys each year. Our company is built around customer feedback. Delivering the results our customers ask for energizes us, keeps us innovating and continuing to provide exciting new ways to serve homeowners in the 405.

If you’d like to learn more about Willis Lawn Services, please check us out and schedule a conversation!

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