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A Fashion Refresh

  New season, new fashion.

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New season, new fashion. Or possibly: vintage fashion, new to you.

Either way, fall’s tempting styles, colors and trends from past and present might be the ticket for a stylish mental escape, as many of us try to soothe our psyches and lift our spirits after a challenging spring and summer. Clothes can do that.

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For fall, many designers looked to the past for inspiration while also delivering of-the-moment, statement-making styles with interesting details that feel modern and inviting. Neutral colors such as gray and almond seem to bring a much-welcome feeling of calm these days, with the bonus of looking luxurious and, dare we say, elegant. Oklahoma women are not afraid to embrace color though.

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While many of the new fall styles have a familiarity about them, the original offerings from decades ago look just as good and are already being eyed by fashion-savvy enthusiasts who appreciate the tailoring and design of each piece. Mixing vintage with current styles is a trend all its own – and it’s always in style. Mixing it up creates modern flair, a more individual look, self-expression. Incorporating looks from past years or decades into a new wardrobe has never been more popular. It works well into another trend from the fall 2020 runways: the mash-up of separates for a look that’s unexpected and fun.

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So, pair a top-handle metallic bag from the ’30s with a favorite little black dress. Channel Jackie Kennedy in a ’60s-style fitted dress and coat look. Or take a cue from the runway and wear a bandeau with a high-waisted skirt and jacket.


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Photography: Shevaun Williams

Model: Shree Ranebenur

Stylists: Jessi Murray and Anna Frost

Location: Oklahoma Railway Museum

Luggage: Robinson’s Repurposed