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A Feel for Fall

A glimpse into the future at the tailgating, personalized gifts and more treats in store in the fall 405 Home.



At 405 Home, fall is afoot. While we wade through sublime spring and sticky summer, our minds have drifted ahead to a cooler clime, where tartan throws and piping hot cocoa reign supreme: the pages of our fall issue.

If there’s one thing citizens of the 405 know how to do, it’s tailgate. And if there’s one time of year we love it the most, it’s fall. Editor-at-Large Sara Gae Waters and photographer Carli Wentworth found the ultimate tailgate vehicle, victuals and vessels and have concocted a guide to make your tailgate sing.

We’ve also gone mad for monograms, and our affinity shows no sign of slowing down. There are more monogrammable items than even we first thought, and we promise, our selection will make holiday gift-giving a perfectly personalized breeze.

As always, you’ll find fabulous, inspirational and aspirational homes, artists and makers, and a seasonal celebration of outdoor living within our pages, as well.

Intrigued? Enticed? Let’s meet up in October and celebrate living in the 405.