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A Perfect Collaboration

  Chris and Katie Kregger’s Edmond home showcases Chris Kregger’s talent as a home builder with Infinity Homes and Katie Kregger’s love for color.

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Chris and Katie Kregger’s Edmond home showcases Chris Kregger’s talent as a home builder with Infinity Homes and Katie Kregger’s love for color.

Chris Kregger and his family also own Kregger Floors and More in Edmond, which gave him insights into the home’s custom flooring and woodwork.

The Kreggers worked with designer J. Mark Taylor of Traditions Fine Furniture and Design, on the right look for their home – a style the three alternately describe with words like “transitional,” “rustic contemporary” and “modern farmhouse” (on the outside). What that means to them is a design that is livable, comfortable, welcoming and timeless. The home also works well with their love for entertaining inside and out.

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“It has a very vibrant central living core,” Taylor said, adding the children — ages 5, 9 and 11 — have their own space but the entire home lets them all stay connected to each other.

Their 4,800-square-foot home in north Edmond sits on two acres and includes five bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, an office and a pool. It features a mix of natural materials like wood, bright colors and modern touches with materials such as acrylic and stainless. Part of the fun when it was finished included a “big reveal” at the end for the Kreggers — a weekend where Taylor put some of the final accessories in place while the family was on vacation.

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To get started, Taylor and Chris Kregger met for breakfast weekly. Each Friday for four months, they brainstormed and sketched out floor plans.

Taylor has worked for more than 30 years in the design business, and Kregger and Taylor have collaborated on other projects in the past. When their floorplan was in place and construction had started, Katie Kregger joined Taylor for weekly meetings about design and details.


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Overall, the home “was a perfect collaboration between designer, builder and client,” Taylor said. Katie Kregger agrees.

“The floor plan works well for us,” she said. “We’re in a position now where we’re a little bit older, our kids are older. And we know how we live. We know how we entertain; we know how we host; we know how our traffic flows and things like that. … So, the floor plan of this house fits us really well, from a livable perspective.”

A butler’s pantry provides food and extra storage and can alleviate clutter from the kitchen when they’re entertaining. The oldest children have a piano room to practice in. The great room combines with the kitchen, giving the family freedom to hang out together whether they’re in either space.

Chris Kregger added his own custom, personal touches with the woodwork throughout the home.

“What wanted to accomplish with the kitchen is just a user-friendly space,” Chris Kregger said, “that would be good for entertaining, easy to clean, but also easy to be a part of the everyday action in the living room.”

They are all happy with the way it turned out, especially with how easy it is to maintain and live in. “It looks really pretty, but it has held up really well,” Katie Kregger said. “I mean, we live in this house and it’s not a museum. We’re not super clean. We’ve got three little kids. … But the house cleans up really nicely.”