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New supergroup Roadcase Royale ready to rock Tower Theatre


Roadcase Royale, a new female-fronted supergroup, will be playing the Tower Theatre on Sunday, October 15. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist/vocalist Nancy Wilson, a founding member of Heart, has joined her talents with former Prince New Power Generation band member and R&B singer Liv Warfield.

Oklahoma City is one of only six dates this year for Roadcase Royale, and the tour begins at the legendary Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Given that promoters have struggled to make Oklahoma City a stop on so many tours in the past, how did Tower Theatre land this brand-new supergroup?

Chad Whitehead, an operating partner at Tower, said that the venue’s work to build relationships with agencies around the country is finally paying off. “We pitch a ton of shows,” Whitehead says, “but for every one we get, there are 20 that say no. Most of my job these days is developing relationships so we get more yeses.”

Nancy Wilson is the main support for Bob Seger’s sold-out summer tour, so she had very few available slots for shows. But as it turned out, the Seger tour is taking a weeklong hiatus in mid-October, so the band’s agent reached out to Tower to work out details. When the Seger tour is over, the band is expected to announce a major tour, so music fans in Oklahoma City will get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

“From our perspective, the chance to get a hall of famer on the Tower stage was too good an opportunity to pass up,” Whitehead continues. “This is one of those events that only happens once, and we didn’t want to miss out on it. I pitched the idea thinking there was no way it would work, but we now have this amazing, all-seated show.”

Roadcase Royale also includes veteran Heart musicians Chris Joyner (keyboards), Dan Rothchild (bass) and Ben Smith (drums), and Warfield’s lead guitarist Ryan Waters. The band is touring in support of its new album “First Things First,” which will be released September 22 on the Loud & Proud Records label.

The show begins at 8:00 p.m. October 15, at Tower Theatre, 425 NW 23rd. Tickets are $55-90, and can be purchased online at this link. 405 readers can enter the code ROADCASE2017 to purchase tickets early.


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