A Summer Place

One of the more exciting developments to hit Oklahoma City in recent years is Classen Curve, and the new location of Café 501 at 5825 N.W. Grand Boulevard has lent a distinctly urbane and cosmopolitan air to an already enticing spot.

Café 501 has begun to explore the art and craft of mixing cocktails, and the Italian Citrus is the fruit of that labor this summer. A variation on this drink was discovered by owner Sheree Holloway and modified by bar manager Ryan Young. Containing vodka, grapefruit and sweet and sour, it is based around the Italian liqueur Aperol, an early century aperitif originally produced by the Barbieri company in the city of Padua. The bittersweet flavor of Aperol, balanced with citrus, creates a perfect balance of flavors… and a delightful taste of the season. 

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