Author: Kent Anderson

Living La Vida Local

When walking through the Block 42 condominium home of her clients Gary and Janie McCurdy, interior designer Janis Bevers has two main points to make: an urban lifestyle is now not only possible but is fast becoming a choice of many Oklahomans; and it is also possible to create the space that reflects that lifestyle by using the talents of local artisans and craftspeople.

Diamond Anniversary

Still stately after all these years, the Civic Center Music Hall turns 75 this month, and the occasion will be marked with a spectacular event worthy of the treasured performance hall. From past to present to future, the show most definitely will go on.

Every Meal a Celebration

Andrew Black has no pictures of himself before the age of 21. His family never owned a camera. He grew up with his grandmother and brothers on 30 acres in the “deep country” of Jamaica. It was a life of subsistence, the family eating what they grew: sugar cane and avocados, mangos and breadfruit.

Stay and Get It

The farm-to-fork concept – the deceptively complex idea of a restaurant featuring locally sourced ingredients – has gained momentum in recent years, with several examples in the metro. One of the newest and best is, appropriately enough, called Local, at 2262 W. Main in Norman, tucked into the Normandy Creek Shopping Center.

The Future of Skin Care

When the Saints Dermatology Center of Excellence opens to patients in January, the 9,100-square-foot facility at 9720 N. Broadway will mark the fulfillment of one simple, yet ambitions goal. “We wanted to create a group of dermatologists who can provide the best service in this region,” says medical director Renee Grau, M.D. “We want to be an all-encompassing, comprehensive health care center for dermatology.”

Depth of Field

Film production in Oklahoma, once a novelty cottage industry, has fast become a mainstream business – and a major player in the state’s economy.