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A Thing for Spring

A glimpse into the future at a poolside paradise, seasonal planting and more treats in store in the spring 405 Home.


Although the frost is on the pumpkin and the fodder’s in the shock, and we’re busy planning how we’ll hygge our way through winter, here at 405 Home, a tiny green tendril of spring has pushed through the blur of cool weather fun.

This beautiful poolside settee is part of the perfect-for-entertaining outdoor oasis at the Nichols Hills home of Karen and Mike Samis, she the owner and proprietress of the venerable design bastion Bebe’s in Nichols Hills Plaza.

Summer soirees are the name of the game in the 405, and next issue we’ll take you to a lavish annual fete, A Midsummer Night’s Cocktail Party, at the 115-year-old home of Richard Bruner and Michael Koenig.

We’ll also explore the artistry of creating the perfect container plantings to brighten a porch or patio, and Jill Farr will literally “take it to the mattresses” in her exploration of hand-crafted custom beds built right here in the metro.

Of course we’ll bring you a bevy of movers and shakers, and doers and makers, which we hope will delight and inspire you.

Meantime, tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you.