Adventure Road Drivin’ Dreams


Don Juntunen, Adventure Road Drivin’ Dreams

Fall foliage road trips deserve a great soundtrack. If you find yourself heading toward Talimena this autumn to admire the changing scenery, consider Don Juntunen’s Adventure Road Drivin’ Dreams as a choice for the playlist.

The collection of Juntunen-composed and arranged tracks were put together as a companion piece for the Adventure Road website,, a guide to suggested travel destinations along Interstate 35, but it shouldn’t be counted out when road-trip tunes are needed for other jaunts.

As background music, Juntunen’s soulful guitar stylings provide a smooth sound base that won’t preclude conversation, but can populate those long stretches that normally would be filled by silence with an easy-on-the-ears interest keeper.

The tracks vary from mild and melodious – such as the flute accompaniment and vocalizations of “Eagle Moon” – to more upbeat and invigorating. The bracing “Wildhorse Creek” and “Cowboy Slide” could be likened to a rejuvenating blast of air through the open window, always good for a pick-me-up when the miles are beginning to lull you.

Award-winning guitarist Juntunen hails from Oklahoma, and the music of Drivin’ Dreams wasn’t simply strung together, but penned specifically for the scenery and sights available to drivers cruising through the Sooner State.

Take a listen for your next Oklahoma outing, whether it’s a day trip to the Arbuckle Mountains, or just picking up the kids from school.


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