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Affection Connection

The month of February has long been associated with the idea of love.

The month of February has long been associated with the idea of love. Truth be told, recognizing your loved one doesn’t mean it has to be your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. Celebrating your friends (we see you, “galentine” party goers) or your kids or even your co-workers is always worth the effort. Here are a few thoughts on simple ways to show your valentines – whoever they are – how much you care.




It is a tradition to wrap up something special for that special someone … but, and this is a huge hint, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Try thinking out of the box this year, literally. Maybe find a vintage or antique copy of a favorite book, or print out some pictures from the past few months and tie them up with some ribbon. Make an effort – it will go a long way.



While usually only reserved for women, maybe your guy would like some, too? Or a plant, succulent or cacti for his desk at home or the office? If you are getting cut blooms, go big and say no to pre-arranged bouquets. Choose a flower such as peonies or garden roses, and get a lot, then wrap them up in brown paper with string – instant success.



Find a place to meet for drinks and just take time to visit. If going out seems too much fuss with all the Valentine’s Day crowds, make it drinks at home with a nice pair of glasses. This coupe glass is perfect for rosé to toast to a night in. And there’s no pressure to partake involved; these days, even mocktails are fun.




You have to. It’s Valentine’s Day. Come on, splurge. If you are at a loss, try the delicious macarons at Cafe Disco, 629 W Main. You can get a set to go, but with their pink couch, this honestly couldn’t be a more perfect place to celebrate. 

Photos shot at Cafe Disco