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At Home With Britta Newton-Tarron

  Britta Newton-Tarron is owner of Oklahoma City-based creative consulting firm BNT & Co.


Britta Newton-Tarron is owner of Oklahoma City-based creative consulting firm BNT & Co. Her work focuses on strategic communications and brand development. Newton-Tarron is married with twin boys due early this year.

How did you end up in the creative consulting field? 


I began my career working as a model, which is what initially sparked my interest in the field. After years of working in front of the lens, I began assisting and learning to style photography myself. Knowing that, as a creative, there is no set blueprint for success, I simply worked hard to cultivate the skills I observed in the colleagues I admired, along the way. As I gained skills and control over this new form of expression, I found I had a real passion for creating unique and incisive narratives for my clients.  As this client list grew, my work took me to Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, working with teams for Neiman Marcus, Restoration Hardware, Frito Lay, The Container Store, Bergdorf Goodman, Sam’s Club, Kraft-Heinz, JCPenney, Lexus, Tyson Chicken, Walmart and many others. My work has been featured in the New York Times, Darling Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Rogue Magazine and Brides of Oklahoma.


After nearly 10 years working in commercial photography, I made the decision to launch my own creative agency here in Oklahoma City, and BNT & Co. was born. 

What is a typical day like for you?


Every day is different, which is appealing to me. Photo shoot and event days can be hectic, but regular working days are pretty laid back and simple. 


I always start the day with my French press and hang in the kitchen until my husband, Reeve, gets out the door. Then, I head upstairs to my home office. My rescue chiweenie, Mini, is usually at my feet and she takes her place in a vintage armchair next to my desk.


Where do you look for inspiration when on a new project?


We travel often and I always come back so inspired from our trips. I adore seeing how businesses work in other places, and especially other countries. I love living in Oklahoma, but traveling is an excellent reminder for me that broad horizons promote creativity and innovation.


When we aren’t traveling and I need a boost of creativity, I go sit and meditate in our garden. The plants and flowers are always changing. It feels like a breath of fresh air to watch the interactions of the colors and shapes in the sunlight or shade. 


Do you have go-to icons: designers or tastemakers that influence your work?


I often joke that Jenna Lyons is the reason I got into the creative field, but it’s true! Right now, I’m loving Sarah Sherman Samuel, Emily Schuman and Tess Guinery. I love watching how they balance their incredible careers with family life. 


What is your favorite medium to work in? 


Is Pinterest a medium? My absolute favorite thing to do — and how I start a project — is to make a mood board. 


What is on the horizon for you, aside from the obvious personal project of adding to your family?


The first quarter of the year will be slow and steady, workwise, but very busy personally. We are expecting twin boys and this is a project I have no idea how to prep for, which only adds to the excitement.