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The taste behind Tulips gift boutique
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Having studied marketing and management at Oklahoma State University, Paige Beal has carved out a niche for herself in the gift market with Norman’s iconic Tulips, a home and gift store located in Campus Corner. With a down-to-earth, genuine personality combined with an instinct for good retail, she is the quintessential shop owner who keeps you coming back again and again. 


What led you to become interested in having a home and gift store?


I was very blessed to have my mom be a stay-at-home mom for majority of my life. She opened Occasions when I was a freshman in high school, and that was the beginning of my love of retail. I worked there throughout high school and college.

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Were you always interested in being a shop owner?


When it was time to search for a job senior year, I knew I did not want to work in a cubicle. I absolutely loved working at Occasions – the interactive environment and the aspect that every day was different. I never could have dreamt that this would have been my path out of college, and I will be forever grateful that it worked out the way that it has.


Do you have a certain style that you are trying to foster at Tulips?


Being on Campus Corner in Norman, I would say our style and product selections are pretty broad. We have customers ranging from 15 to 80. I try to buy unique gifts with a broad appeal. Because the store has lots of nooks, we are able to build vignettes with different trends to appeal to varied customers while maintaining a cozy aesthetic for the store. Being in a building with lots of character that was built in 1903, we feel blessed to build upon the homey feel it provides.

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Who are the design icons that you look to in the gift market industry and the home design industry?


As far as the design industry goes, there are so many fabulous interior designers, it is hard to choose. I love all that Marissa Adler Designs does here in Norman. Also, I’m a huge fan of Studio McGee and Amber Interiors. 


Do you have a favorite type of style that you gravitate toward?


I would say my style is a mixture of traditional, modern and eclectic. I love shopping and home décor, so switching things out often at home brings me lots of joy. I do not like clutter, but I love accents that bring warmth to a space. Fragrance is also an important part of a space; there is a candle burning at all times in my home. 


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