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At the Bar: House 333

A Campus Corner mainstay dons a new identity as House 333, but its bar is still (Sooner) booming.


If your restaurant is named for a food item, but you want customers to be aware that that item isn’t the only thing on the menu, what do you do? Rely on word of mouth? Launch a marketing campaign? Why not simply change the name? Campus Corner hotspot the Meatball House is expanding its horizons and moving beyond its initial spheres – welcome to House 333.

The restaurant has been striving to avoid being pigeonholed – when we did a review shortly after it opened, one of the first things chef Andrew Black said to me was, “We’re so not Italian; we’re all over the world.” In its new look, House 333 (named for its address on Boyd – and, we were told, because everyone calls it The House anyway) will offer wings, pizza, chicken, burgers, sandwiches, salads and vegetarian options … while still serving up the savory meatballs that made them a hit in the first place. Seriously, if you haven’t tried their mac and cheese with meatballs, do.

Through it all, the bar remains a pleasure, offering a solid beer selection and signature cocktails. But considering the season and proximity to campus, it’s a good time for the Sooner Boomer – Grey Goose and cranberry juice mixed with a watermelon limeade and a splash of blue Curaçao for character, it’s a refreshing way to keep your OU-loving sprits high.