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At the Bar: Red PrimeSteak

Blackberries, lime, gin and the lightly bitter liqueur Amaro Nino combine for a deliciously complex beverage you’ll find hard to say farewell to.


I sat there for a while taking life seriously. Then I tried to think of something funny so that I could have a great big laugh. Neither way worked, so I got Terry Lennox’s letter of farewell out of the safe and reread it. It reminded me that I had never gone to Victor’s for that gimlet he asked me to drink for him.

Raymond Chandler became one of America’s great authors on the strength of his chronicles of hard-nosed private investigator with a heart of gold (or at least copper) Philip Marlowe. Along with The Big Sleep, The Long Goodbye is his most famous misadventure, a sprawling investigation prompted by the PI’s unlikely friendship forged over cocktails.

A classic gimlet is gin and lime juice, but for its fall concoction named the Long Goodbye, Red PrimeSteak has added an extra dash of flavor: it’s Tanqueray London dry gin and the lightly bitter herbaceous liqueur Amaro Nonino, combined with blackberries muddled in a house-made lime cordial, and served in a coupe glass.

You don’t have to be a shamus or dissolute dilettante to enjoy this delicious beverage – just ask Toni at the bar to whip one up for you. Or, even better, bring a friend and make it two. Bonding over drinks is a time-honored classic, after all.