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At the Bar: Redrock Canyon

Laced with peppers, mezcal and top-shelf tequila, the Spicy Mezcalita at Redrock Canyon makes a spicy treat for lakeside sipping.


It’s the closest thing OKC has to a seaside bar – the patio overlooking the waters of Lake Hefner is an enchantingly beautiful spot and makes Redrock Canyon Grill a natural place to gather for appreciating the view over drinks, especially during the picturesque sunsets.

However, given that those sunsets seem to keep coming earlier and earlier, and that the mercury is sliding on down through “brisk” and toward “chilly,” perhaps it’s a good time to consider a beverage with a little heat of its own.

The Spicy Mezcalita is Redrock’s twist on the classic marg: combine Casamigos Blanco tequila (crisp, clean and smooth – and that’s in reference to the tequila, not the company’s cofounder George Clooney) with Cointreau and lime juice, then give it a little extra kick thanks to a dose of Wild Shot mezcal (that’s Toby Keith’s brand) and you have the makings of a Mezcalita. But they’re not done; the mixture is then shaken with a jalapeño and served up in a margarita glass with a chili-salted rim, garnished with a jalapeño slice.

It’s a tastebud-tingling choice for enjoying the trip toward winter … and hopefully we’ll luck into a brief Indian summer to give us all a little more time on the patio with one of these sizzlers in hand.