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At the Bar: Sidecar’s Old Smokey

The secret ingredient in this version of the Old Fashioned is a preliminary whiff of hickory smoke.



In a sense, the secret ingredient to this specialty beverage isn’t actually there at all. The material components – muddled sugar cube, dash of bitters, squeeze of orange juice and jolt of rye, served over ice – are the same as you’d find in bars and restaurants all over the world, and have been served up in just this combination for centuries. What sets the Sidecar’s libation apart is a preliminary step that takes advantage of the close ties between the senses of taste and smell: Jasmine Reed or one of her comrades at the Automobile Alley bar fills the glass with smoke from hickory chips. Nothing tangible remains, but the lingering scent adds a surprising amount of extra savory complexity to the beverage – it’s no wonder they call it the Old Smokey.

The Old Smokey Rye Fashioned

•Sugar cube


•Garnish with orange peel