At the Bar: The Jones Assembly

At the Bar: The Jones Assembly

If it’s a special occasion and you want to sample some elevated examples of the cocktail craft, head upstairs to the Jones Assembly’s T Room.


If you’ve been to The Jones Assembly at 901 W Sheridan – which, by now, you should’ve – you know that it’s a thoroughly impressive space. But among the spacious covered patio, the gleaming bar and the grand main dining hall, the best spot of all might be the T Room upstairs. Stylish, comfortable and more intimate than the other areas, it’s ideally situated for taking in a concert (see page 68). It even has its own bar menu, with classy concoctions you won’t find downstairs.


The Mesta Park Swizzle


For example, consider the Sacre Bleu – it’s based around armagnac (classy brandy), and before it’s served, the cocktail is bathed in applewood smoke for a beguiling flavor on the verge of sweetness. If you’d like something more colorful, the Mesta Park Swizzle is built around Prairie Wolf Distillery’s Loyal gin, mixed with lime juice, pineapple and passionfruit syrups and fresh mint leaves.

Sometimes simple is fine – but if it’s a special occasion and you want to try an elevated beverage, it might be time to go down to Film Row and head upstairs.