At the Bar: The Mule

At the Bar: The Mule

A shot of maple flavor adds some northern inspiration to the Mule’s popular brunch cocktail called the Canadian Breakfast.


It’s difficult to say whether beloved Plaza District hangout The Mule, 1630 N Blackwelder, is more popular for its gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches or as a watering hole. From an Old Fashioned made with Basil Hayden’s bourbon (yessir) to the mezcal-fueled Oklanola to a range of actual mules and a pretty hefty beer selection, the menu has your boozeration needs pretty well handled. But in times such as these, when the temperature’s down and sunshine is sparse, look to the Mule’s brunch offerings, and take your inspiration from the Great White North. My advice is to order yourself a Canadian Breakfast.

As cocktails go, it’s not very complicated. In fact, there are only four ingredients: maple-flavored Knob Creek bourbon, ginger ale, orange juice and a slice of bacon for a garnish-slash-edible swizzle stick. I was a trifle worried that combination would prove more interesting than actually good, but you needn’t be – the results form a surprisingly smooth blend that’s by turns tart, sweet and even a bit savory, thanks to the bacon. (This is another in a long line of food products improved by adding bacon.)

Manager Stephanie Halley, who introduced us to the beverage, said it’s been on the menu for quite a while due to continued popularity, and that “it’s really good, especially on Sunday morning, when you might be a little [diplomatic pause] tired.”

The Canadian Breakfast is only listed on the brunch menu, but – pro tip – you can order one anytime you need to pep up your day with a glass of inspiration from our northern neighbors.