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At the Bar: Trapper’s Bourbon Bar

Top-quality whiskies (and prizes!) await as rewards for exploring Trapper’s well-stocked Bourbon Bar.


There is, as is commonly observed, no accounting for taste – plenty of people think tequila is terrific or scotch is top-notch, and that’s perfectly reasonable.

If nothing else, it leaves more room at Trapper’s Fishcamp and Grill for those of us who prefer an American classic as our spirit of choice. Trapper’s, you see, is home to The Bourbon Bar, which boasts fully 150 bourbons, ryes and whiskies – a bourbonanza, if you will. Not all are from Kentucky (Bourbon County is only so big, after all), but all are made in the U.S.A.

A selection so vast means a great deal of variety, from familiar names Jack Daniels and Knob Creek to more select treasures such as Eagle Rare Single Barrel or Ridgemont Reserve 1792. Fortunately, sampling couldn’t be simpler: The “build your own flight” option allows guests to select any three labels to try, with experts like executive chef and mixologist Scott Snow ready to offer guidance as necessary. For example, while he said he loves much of their stock, Snow speaks especially highly of Single Oak Project and Blanton’s (I’m with him on that one), and for new bourbon drinkers just testing the waters, he says, “Elijah Craig is one of the better introductory ones.”

Dedicated samplers can even join the Bourbon Hunt, a customer rewards program in which bartenders keep track of the varieties you’ve tried so far and you receive prizes for each set of 25 entries. It’s a fun way to try something new, sample something outside your usual – and glory could be your reward as well: When someone completes the list, they’ll get a special whiskey ice maker and an honorary plaque on the wall. Snow says no one has accomplished the feat … yet. Visit for details and a full list. Cheers!