At the Bar: Whiskey Cake

With flights offering a quartet of tastes, Whiskey Cake offers a selection of Irish spirits amid homegrown Okie style.


While Bourbon is delicious, and a finely aged Scotch is a thing of beauty, the very word whiskey is Irish in origin, from the Gaelic “uisce beatha,” or “water of life.” March is a great time to explore the joys of Irish whiskey – but what about Oklahomans who might like to try a drop o’ the pure, but still prefer pulled pork to corned beef and cabbage, or would rather hear Stevie Ray Vaughan than The Chieftains? Drinking Irish doesn’t have to mean you have to find an Irish pub; not when Whiskey Cake can elevate your palate with an Irish Flight.

While the farm-to-table restaurant at 1845 NW Expressway does locally sourced cuisine very well – I wasn’t kidding about the pulled pork; the Three Little Pigs sliders are outstanding – it also has a substantial supply of liquid imports. They’re best explored by the whiskey flights: strategically portioned pours of a quartet of spirits. Our Irish sampler included the rich, smooth Jameson Black Barrel; Knappogue Castle; the venerable Powers (founded in 1791), the lightest on the palate, and a right good ’un; and my favorite, the fragrant Tullamore D.E.W.

The best part is that’s merely the tip of the alcoholic iceberg. With a double-digit selection of Irish whiskies, you can let them pick or choose your own custom flight. Either way, it’s worth raising a glass – well, four glasses – to the experience.