At the Bar: Yucatan Taco Stand

Margaritas perfect for patio weather


Summer in Oklahoma can be problematic for lovers of outdoor relaxation – alfresco dining loses some of its allure when the air feels like the inside of a convection oven – so September, with its promise of changing seasons and cooler-but-not-too-cool weather, should be celebrated with a welcome return to the patio. And an excellent place for that celebration is atop the Bricktown Canal, with a frosty margarita in hand, outside Yucatan Taco Stand, 100 E California.

Bartender Chris Terrill’s strawberry mint version is fueled by Herradura tequila muddled with strawberries, fresh lime and a touch of basil that provides a counterpoint to the fruit’s sweetness. It’s refreshing and extremely tasty … but given that pineapple and cinnamon are two of my favorite flavors, the version that combines them is an even better choice. In a drink this delicious, I don’t mind that its Don Julio blanco is barely perceptible, but if you’re in the mood to savor that spirit, there’s plenty behind the bar.

In fact, that label is one of … hang on … carry the four … 72 varieties of tequila listed on their menu. That is an absolutely impressive number. J.J. Kuhn, who recently became the restaurant’s GM, had been a fan of this Bricktown getaway since it opened, so was excited to take over when the opportunity arose – he said the only factor that gave him pause was having to learn the ins and outs of that massive array. Fortunately for patrons, there are multiple flights available for tasting experimentation, and staff should be happy to guide you through finding a match for your palate. Just make certain that, whatever selection you wind up with, you take it outside.



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