Award-Winning Rum Comes to Oklahoma

2021's Best Rum in the World has landed in the 405
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Maggie’s Farm Hidden Harbor Rum was awarded “Best Rum” at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the most prestigious awards in the industry. A collaboration between Pittsburgh’s Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery and Hidden Harbor, a tiki bar that Thrillist rated as one of the best tiki bars in America, the double-gold-winning rum is now available in Oklahoma via Thirst Wine Merchants and Revolution Wholesale.

Rum continues to perform well as a category nationwide, and newer, high-quality rums are entering the market as sippers rather than shooters. The explosion of interest in classic cocktails, like the daiquiri, dark ‘n’ stormy and mai tai, have also helped drive sales in better cocktail bars. 

Corey Bauer, sales manager at Thirst Wine Merchants, said the collaboration on Hidden Harbor was driven by the tiki bar’s desire to hit certain flavor notes on the profile. Timothy Russell, owner and distiller at Maggie’s Farm, is a rum savant, and his line of rums are outstanding examples of the newer, better rums entering the market. (His falernum is the best I’ve ever tasted.) Russell blended his own Maggie’s Farm white rum and his two-year Queen’s Share with distillates from Martinique, Trinidad, Guyana and Barbados to create Hidden Harbor. The result is delicious, complex, grassy and boozy, which is to say, it’s designed for cocktails, not sipping. (If you want a sipper, get his Maggie’s Farm Dark Rum or Spiced Rum.) 

You can try the Hidden Harbor in a cocktail at Barkeep or Picasso Cafe, and it’s available on the shelf at Coffee Creek Wine Shop, Freeman’s, Spirit Shop and The Well. 


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