Bar K Brings Canine-Friendly Dining to Riversport

Dogs and their humans prepare for comfort, fun and flavor
Bar K

The time you spend with your dog is often limited to the house, back yard, or public spaces like parks or trails—so one more opportunity to have man’s best friend come with you to eat out is always welcome. Bar K, Riversport OKC’s newest addition, offers the public a creative space to enjoy food and drinks while letting their dogs play in a safe environment. The first Bar K opened in Kansas City in 2018, and so far more than 500,000 people and 350,000 dogs have come to experience the magic. 

Bar KThis is an important milestone in activating the Boathouse District for even more people (and dogs) throughout the city,” said Mike Knopp, Executive Director of the Riversport Foundation. With a modern event space combined with a bar and restaurant, dog-lovers can unite to experience a comfortable setting without having to leave their pups at home. 

Riversport OKC is ecstatic to create a space for furry friends and their owners, one recently named “America’s Coolest” pet business by Pets+ Magazine. Bar K founders Leib Dodell and Dave Hensley came up with the idea after realizing that “there were no comfortable places to sit and relax, no place to grab a drink or bite to eat, and no gatekeeper to ensure that the dogs in the park were vaccinated and properly socialized” at local dog parks. With the creation of Bar K, however, dogs are welcomed and properly monitored by staff members to ensure that their owners can enjoy a stress-free restaurant atmosphere. Citizens of OKC can expect a whirlwind of “engaged, community-minded people and their dogs to share connections with their pups and each other in a joyful and creative atmosphere”at the business, which officially broke ground Oct. 16,

As Dodell and Hensley said, “Dogs have moved from the backyard to the bedroom and are now truly a part of the family. Bar K celebrates the special bond we have with our dogs and brings people and pets together.”

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Bar K

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