2023 Best of the 405 Finalists - 405 Magazine

Congratulations! You are a Best of the 405 Finalist!

This means you will now have the chance to be named the winner in your respective categories. Want your business to stand out to our 30,000+ voters? Purchase a Best of the 405 Voting Package. View our Package Guide here for pricing and information. If you are interested in purchasing a package, fill out our request form here and we will be in touch shortly.

Please note this information is still private. The public will not know who the top 5 finalists are in each category until voting opens up on February 13 at 6 AM. We kindly ask you keep this secret till then. Once voting opens, you can share the news with your followers and encourage them to vote for you. We have uploaded promotional voting graphics for you to share in various social media sizes once voting is live, find those here.

If you are unsure about which category(ies) you or your business have been nominated in, you can email raylee.lewis@405magazine.com for clarification, as some of you will have been nominated under multiple categories.

The voting round begins on February 13

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Best of the 405 nomination round! Over 29,000 people participated, casting 90,000+ nominations in support of their local favorites. The time to cast your votes is quickly approaching.

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