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BridgeRev Doubled Up by Narrowing Down

BridgeRev, a digital marketing agency, is on pace to reach the top tier of HubSpot agencies in the world this summer — one of only about 40 in the world and the only one in Oklahoma to do so.

BridgeRev, a digital marketing agency, is on pace to reach the top tier of HubSpot agencies in the world this summer — one of only about 40 in the world and the only one in Oklahoma to do so.

Ashley Quintana and Jake Fisher started a Spanish-language marketing agency 11 years ago, but they wanted something else to set themselves apart.

BridgeRev found success in narrowing their focus to digital marketing and quickly narrowed further to helping clients with HubSpot, a CRM platform that provides sales, marketing and content management tools to companies.

“When we’d seen some success, we decided to look for something to market ourselves,” Quintana said. “And at that point, we stumbled quite literally onto digital marketing. And we tried out some things, and it worked really well for us. We sort of went back to school in the sense that we took the time to just learn everything we could.”

BridgeRev joined the HubSpot agency partner program in 2014, but Fisher said that during the last two to three years, the company has shifted its focus from other marketing work to HubSpot consulting primarily.

“We decided to go all in to just being HubSpot implementers and became a RevOps agency,” Quintana said. “That is essentially what we are today.”

Ashley Quintana poses at her desk with a slight smile.
Photo by Logan Walcher.

Growth has been significant from there. Now, BridgeRev will become a top-tier HubSpot implementer agency this summer, which makes them one of only 40 companies in the world and the only company in Oklahoma to have such a status.

“We really wanted to focus on something that we were great at and continue to do it and be world-class at it,” Fisher said. “So, we have been able to really focus toward working on the technical side of being able to put together these essentially IT systems that incorporate marketing, sales, customer service processes, all the customer service data, and put it all in one place. It’s really one coherent, holistic system.

“We’re working very hard to be the best — maybe the best revenue ops agency on the HubSpot platform in the world.”

This narrowed, do-less-but-do-it-the-best strategy has worked.

“I think we’ve found that every time we’ve cut a little bit or, you know, decided to focus in and say, Do this, say no to that,’ it has worked for us every step of the way,” Quintana said.

Financially, it has produced significant growth for the company as well.

“In the last four years, our year-over-year gross revenue growth has been very significant, like high double digits,” Fisher said. “And we’ve had a few years where we’ve actually doubled up.”

Quintana said the growth in the partnership with HubSpot has had a learning curve with plenty of questions, but that explains how they’ll continue to grow as well.

“I think there’s a lot of positives that come with knowing where you’ve been,” she said. “If you go from one job to the next and it’s like, Oh, I learned how to do that skill. And now I can apply it here.’ Right? There’s a big benefit to that. But I think people don’t often talk enough about the benefit when you don’t know, because when you don’t know and you haven’t been in those shoes before and you’re trying to figure it out as you go, you actually end up having to start from your desired outcome and work your way backwards.

“And so, in that sense, you’re inventing the process as you go, and you find a different way to get to that outcome. And so, we’ve often leveraged that and worked from the desired outcome backwards. And often you can get there faster. There’s a better way to do it. There’s always room for improvement kind of thing.”