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The Cadillac Home Tour

Embark on a Home Design Tour with 405.

Embark on a Home Design Tour with 405.

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This summer, Cadillac sent designer, stylist and star gardener Linda Vater on a home tour adventure around Oklahoma City and Edmond to talk with homeowners about their architecture, design and landscaping. In this captivating three-part video series, we delve intimately into the inspiration and distinctiveness of each home. Linda cultivated her gardening skills and acumen for 30 years at her Tudor-style home, and she shares her lessons learned with 158,000 subscribers on YouTube and in her book, The Elegant and Edible Garden.

Exquisitely Eco-Conscious 

We asked Linda for her expert take on this fabulous OKC home — and these are her answers.

405: What did you find remarkable or unique about this home?
VATER: The owners expressed their personal value set throughout the home in its eco-conscious design, family-friendly practicality — expressed in exquisite modern
ways — and brilliant, focused use of color.

405: In what ways did you see the family reflected in the design of the home?
VATER: I see them reflected in the functional, tough materials to handle the demands of a boisterous family with pets, with lots of spaces to gather and congregate indoors and out. There’s lots of room for the whole family to entertain and engage in so many ways.

405: What parts of the home do you think will inspire others?
VATER: I think the fabulous indoor-to-outdoor views will, and how nature is ever-present as a muse wherever you are. I love the vivid use of green!