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Candle Power

Winter is coming, so consider candles such as these to add some cozy warmth to your decor.


We’re dreaming of a cool autumn and winter to come, and with the fireplaces all aglow and the blankets piled high, there is one other thing that can add to the coziness of your home in the beginning of the holiday season: candles! While long tapers or short votives definitely augment the ambiance of your dinner table, it’s difficult for anyone to resist the smell of a scented candle used as a decorative accent – most especially if it is one of these. With names like “Black Forest” or “Pumpkin Chai,” you should be on your way to setting the mood for your warm abode.

(left to right)

Black Forest by Archipelago, $32  // Tabac and Oudwood by Archipelago, $35  // Oakmoss and Wood by Archipelago, $25.50  all from Reclaimed Warehouse

(left to right)

Cotton scented, $30 // Volcano by capriBLUE, $35 both from Live Boho

(left to right)

Spiked Cider by Rewined, $29 // Pumpkin Chai by Nest, $42 // Frasier Fir by Thymes, $42 all from Tulips