Charcuterie Style

Charcuterie Style

If you’re planning a party, or are in search of some savory temptations, feast your eyes on these charcuterie boards, with recommendations from local restaurants.


Charcuterie boards are a culinary custom, as well as a pleasure, and local eateries couldn’t be happier about them. Chris Castro of The Kitchen at Commonplace says, “It’s a great way to invite people to come into our space and eat and drink at their leisure, as opposed to our usual dinner service.”

Shelby Sieg from The Pritchard agrees, “I love having it on the menu because I can change out the choices frequently and expose people to some incredible handcrafted items from around the world. I also really enjoy seeing people try the items with their accompaniment to see how the flavors change.”


This board from Plenty Mercantile holds The Kitchen at Commonplace’s Bayley Hazen Blue cheese from Jasper Hill Farms, Brabander gouda, La Quercia speck, salame, honeycomb, house-made orange marmalade.


Laying out a board can go from the simple to the elaborate, and neither disappoints. Crosby Dyke of En Croute says, “If you are using crackers – which, who doesn’t love a good cracker? We make our own house olive oil crackers – they are a great base to start building your board. We like to have at least one focal point in the board, depending upon how large it will be. A softer, younger cheese is great for the center to build around. Using your thinly sliced meats plus olives, fruits, nuts, herbs and jams will create a plentiful board.”

Above all else, taste is king, and these three locales not only wear the crown but give inspiration for your own efforts. But don’t forget a good board to serve your creation on. Presentation is a key part of the whole affair, and the three boards showcased here play their part well.


The Pritchard’s Prosciutto di Parma paired with house-made fig caramel, pheasant pate with house-made candied pecans, spicy salame with whole grain mustard, Italian gorgonzola cheese with roasted walnuts, Ewephoria cheese from The Netherlands with house-made apple pie jam, plus arugula, house-made pickled okra and toasted crostini, on a board from Culinary Kitchen.