Cheers to the New Year

Supplies for a year of celebrations

From Culinary Kitchen: Champagne flutes, $16; Cotton napkins, set of 4, $100; Brass napkin rings, set of 4, $90; White and silver bowls, $17.50; Glitter tea spoons, $7 and $9; Butter knives, $30. From Scissortail Marketplace: Tall ribbed decanter, $150; Lux Fragrances heirloom pumpkin candle, $25; Marble tray, $72; Cocktail shaker, $45; Pyrite sun tray, $295



So New Year’s Eve has come and gone. But is that a reason to bring the celebrating to a halt? Certainly not. There is always a reason to break out the bubbly, or the faux bubbly, or any drink of your choice, to celebrate … well, just about anything. Whether it’s a toast to the end of a great day or a “here’s to that day being in the books,” any of these additions to the bar cart or table will make your occasion an excellent – as well as tastefully enticing – affair.



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