Clear|!!| Clean Skincare

Clear, Clean Skincare

Never underestimate the power of superior skincare products, especially since now more than ever, it’s easy being clean.


If you are like most of the general population, you’re hearing the word “clean” more and more in product descriptions – and that’s a good thing. Clean products are important and something we should all be looking for more of in our lives, especially in those products we slather all over our skin. While these few choices are just the tip of the iceberg, we can’t help but think to ourselves, “Let’s tip that iceberg and get the ball rolling!” Try these, and ask questions. There are plenty of alternatives and answers out there; you just need to go looking for them. And treat yourself to a consultation while you’re investigating. These places know what they are doing.



From Van Cleef Salon: Pevonia Botanica YouthRenew tinted cream, SPF 30, $53.50; Pevonia Ligne myoxy-caviar timeless repair cream, $205; balm cleanser, $46.50; eye contour, $187.50; repair lotion, $40; repair serum, $205



From Airelle Skincare: Exfoliating cleanser, $64; intense hydrating repair complex, $116; age-defying facial serum, $158



From Salt & Water: Palermo body lavender and sage soap, $12; Palermo body botanical facial steam, $32; Monastery Lapiz matte body spray, $28; Face Crème tinted mineral sunscreen, $55; Manasi 7 powder, $58



From Udånder: Indie Lee CoQ-10 toner, $32, and Squalane facial oil, $32