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Oklahoma is about as far from oceanfront as can be, but bringing seaside style to decorating is easy wherever you might be. Redoing a room with these special touches can practically generate a sea breeze.

EVEN THOUGH OKLAHOMA CAN BOAST 55,646 MILES OF SHORELINE (albeit none oceanfront), “coastal” is not the adjective most would jump to in describing our great state. However, beachy style is becoming more and more popular, and not just at the edges of the nation. From metropolitan cities to landlocked (but lake rich!) areas like ours, home décor has given a nod to the water. Check any design blog or decorating magazine and you’ll see the trend. It might be as simple as a conch shell sitting atop a stack of coffee table books or as overt as an entire palette of nautical navy and white.

Who can resist? The laid-back ocean vibe radiates a feeling of calm and a sense of easy, on-vacation-time living. Even penning this article has me trying to figure out a way to get to those sandy beaches and warm(er) temperatures!

Redoing an entire room to channel your inner Pisces is not necessary. A hint of turquoise waters can go a long way, and a small space like an entry or bathroom can be a great place to start. My personal favorite is temporary or “seasonal” decorating. Accent pieces are perfect for this. New white pillows for your couch and a bright colored geometric print might be exactly what you need to change up your living room for the spring and summer months.

Clearing off a console table and styling it with beach-inspired finds feels summery and fresh, even in an unusual color palette of black and white and green. Our beach look incorporates large and small shells and clear glass vessels, a print that is reminiscent of waves, a rug with bold stripes (any color will do) and a little rope detail to bring in the calm and peace of the seas. Once spring arrives, open the windows and you can almost feel the ocean breeze!