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Copper’s Tops

Give your décor something near the Midas touch by displaying gleaming copper products such as these.


When it comes to the kitchen, copper is in a category of its own. Professional chefs of the world swear by the material for even heating and non-stick ease – and who are we to argue? No doubt, copper is on the higher end of the price and quality scale when it comes to cooking. But what about in the entertaining arena? It isn’t difficult to find items in this shiny metal, and with the popularity of such drinks as the Moscow Mule, the copper mug is an essential in your cabinet. Because copper has an insulating element that helps maintain the temperature of whatever your drink of choice, hot drinks are a success in these mugs, as well. Plus, shakers, jiggers and accessories to help you make these drinks are readily available, not to mention items that might add to the mood of your gathering. A vase, a candle, baskets and serving trays … the possibilities are plentiful. You may have to rub more than two shiny copper pennies together to get those pots and pans, but these elements of style are well within reach.


Ice bucket, $119; jigger, $24.99; martini glasses, $33; shaker set, $94.99 from Urbane


Tray, $30; baskets, $38 for set of 2 from Reclaimed Warehouse


Vase, $40; Capri Blue pink grapefruit and prosecco candle, $35; mugs, $12 from Live Boho


Wine cooler, $365; salt and pepper shakers and toothpick set, $32.50; cocktail picks (copper plated), $9.99 from Culinary Kitchen