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Born and raised in Oklahoma, Dustin and Sarah Dorr returned from California in 2014 with their young son and daughter in tow.

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Born and raised in Oklahoma, Dustin and Sarah Dorr returned from California in 2014 with their young son and daughter in tow. Living well is at the heart of what both do professionally, albeit in different mediums. Dustin is a designer, whose extraordinary prowess is evident in his many projects and overall style.  Likewise, Sarah, a blogger, is unparalleled in the wellness and beauty space, which is immediately reflected in her personal and professional life. In light of those factors, it’s easy to see how living well isn’t just a career for this couple – it is a way of life. 


Tell me a little bit about yourselves and what you consider your role to be in the wellness space (Sarah) and the design world (Dustin).


Sarah: I just entered my 15th year of blogging at, and while I’ve written about a myriad of topics from parenthood to essential style over the years, one of my truest passions in terms of wellness is clean beauty. I love to arm women – and men – with the knowledge that looking and feeling great doesn’t need to be fussy, nor do they need to be bound by conventional, unhealthy ingredients or products. 

Dustin: I consider my role in the design world [to be] a curator of environments that reflect and represent the individuals who use them. My goal is to help educate and elevate intrigue, influence taste, strengthen style and cultivate soul. When it comes to furnishings and art, personality and uniqueness come first for me, provenance second. My take is: Budget counts, and appropriateness is worth every penny. Timelessness is priceless, and creative value stands the test of time.


With the commonality of both being creatives, do you find yourselves drawn to the same kind of aesthetics?


Sarah: Our true passions differ in terms of specifics – where I eat and sleep beauty and style, Dustin feels equally … passionate about interiors. I trust and fully enjoy Dustin’s eye for design (especially in regard to our home), and in turn he respects and appreciates my love of fashion and beauty. It’s a very peaceful coexistence in terms of aesthetics.


Dustin: Sarah and I have similar aesthetic likes and dislikes, in part due to being together for nearly 20 years. Sarah prefers fewer things, yet I’m a collector (otherwise known as a high-class hoarder), so more is more.


What inspires each of you in your work?


Sarah: My main inspiration is the ability to change someone’s outlook on wellness without employing hard-and-fast rules or fear tactics. Clean beauty is not an all-or-nothing situation; everyone is on their own journey in terms of their own wellness, and I’m here to make sure we collectively move in the right direction. Also, I absolutely delight in helping people feel better about themselves. It puts the biggest smile on my face, time and time again.


Dustin: I’m inspired by art, design and architecture. Being studied and degreed in both architecture and interior design, my education is paramount to delivery of fine work. My extensive travels and experience living in many cities around the country have burgeoned my sense of culture and refined my aesthetic.