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CrossFit in the City

There’s exercise … and then there’s CrossFit. If you’re swayed by its devotees’ enthusiasm, try these OKC spots to join the fitness craze.


CrossFit is not a cult … not in the bad way. Its devotees are as fervent as Mr. Darcy ever was, maybe more so. They love nothing more than to gather at the Box (CrossFit for studio) and haul, jump, drag and throw things repeatedly while sweating profusely and listening to loud, energetic music. And then there’s the lingo.

Andrew Nicholas is one of the owners of Moore’s CrossFit Exile, which was a hub of activity on a recent Monday evening. “There is definitely a two-part learning curve that comes with CrossFit,” Nicholas says. “There are the movements, and then there’s the language. We have lots of acronyms and abbreviations.”

It’s not intimidating, though, and Nicholas, like most CrossFit coaches, works thoughtfully to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. He’s a tall, fit, 28-year-old wearing red Lululemon shorts, a burgeoning man-bun and customized Nike trainers emblazoned with “Exile” in gold lettering on each shoe. He is a patient, kind instructor who pays keen attention to each student’s form so that, while they may be sore the next day, they won’t actually harm themselves.

As clients drift in, the camaraderie and sense of community are clear. People are having fun. It’s a hard workout, but it’s playful, too, and the whole thing has a school recess feeling. The class begins with a warm-up, which consists of 500 meters on a rowing machine or a 400-meter jog and some stretches.

This is a MetCon class, which is the perfect class if you’re new to CrossFit. Most CrossFit Boxes have something similar. “CrossFit is based on constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements, and it incorporates many elements of gymnastics,” Nicholas says. “A MetCon class has more guidance and more hands-on instruction. In more advanced CrossFit classes, we start together, but then people look at the WOD and start going through it. But don’t think the MetCon class is easy. It’s not. We have people who are lifelong MetConners. It will definitely work you and make you look better naked. And in spite of what people might have heard, it’s only dangerous if you’re doing it wrong.”


Box – Where the CrossFitters CrossFit, AKA the gym, the studio

WOD – Workout Of The Day, there is no routine workout here

RFT – Rounds For Time

EMOM – Every Minute On The Minute

The Rig – Looks like a jungle gym in the middle of the Box where you’ll do squats, pull-ups and more

IHIDPMAO – CrossFit’s (totally unofficial) newest acronym: I Hope I Don’t Pull My Arms Off


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