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Current Mood: Cozy

Assemble and keep track of assorted ideas for inspiration on a colorful mood board.


When you are embarking on setting the tone for almost anything in your home, whether it be re-envisioning a room, planning a dinner party or creating a well-appointed floral arrangement, your inspiration is fundamental.  

Warm, cozy and comfortable are the go-to words for our inspiration this fall, and what better way to accomplish that feeling than with jewel tones of ruby, emerald and sapphire? They create a rich atmosphere and the comfortable feel of tradition. Items that have meaning and history evoke the same, and together they create a jumping-off point for inspiration.


Handed-down heirlooms inspire the comfort of tradition.


The way something feels is just as important as how it looks.  Velvet wins in both departments.


Don’t ever hesitate to add flowers to the mix; you can’t beat a fresh arrangement for details and inspiration.


Richly hued wallpaper or paint is a brilliant starter for a bold look.


Silk velvet fabric from Fabric Factory.

Tiles from Young Brothers.

Wallpaper from Kasa.