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Darci Lynne Farmer Looks to Share Her Own Voice

Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer rose to fame on "America's Got Talent", and her talent continues to grow and evolve

Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer poses in a record store with a guitar

Photos by Joseph McClure

You are likely familiar with her — in 2017, Oklahoman Darci Lynne Farmer (performing as Darci Lynne) shot to national fame with her stunning appearances on “America’s Got Talent.” While competing as a ventriloquist, she joked, charmed and even sang Italian opera … with her mouth closed. A 7th grader at the time, she won the 12th season of the show — the youngest person to capture the title. Her captivating performances have been credited with a revival of interest in ventriloquism.

Now, at 19, she is expanding her range and the use of her talents. Currently, Lynne has taken roles in two movies: a major role in the 2022 film A Cowgirl’s Song, about a young songstress reconnecting with her grandmother; and in the upcoming biopic Reagan, when she plays a drowning teenage girl doing everything possible to get lifeguard Ronald Reagan’s attention. 

Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer poses with a guitar
Photo by Joseph McClure

Since her triumph on “America’s Got Talent,” Lynne is currently completing her work on an EP, featuring her original songs. She wrote her first song at 14 years old, and committed to writing her own music during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she began to seriously study both piano and guitar. 

The EP is untitled so far, but Lynne’s favorite song on the album is called “Hey, Butterfly.” “It’s a song about change and evolution and taking off from where you are and becoming who you are supposed to be,” she said. “I’ve had such an incredible run over the last seven years as a kid, and I think that people have frozen me at age 12. It’s difficult now showing others who I am at 19 — the things I am passionate about now. I’m so excited for people to hear these songs. It’s not what people know me for, but I hope that they’ll appreciate it.”

Lynne describes her family as musical. She has dear memories of her grandparents; her grandpa played guitar and her grandmother played drums in a band. She keeps a copy of their old vinyl recordings in her room.

Her musical preferences are wide, but what draws her to certain artists is the soul with which they sing. “I love old music. One of my favorite singers of all time is Etta James, and her album At Last is just a staple for me. I keep coming back to it.”

She added, “I also love Chris Stapleton. I recently saw him in concert and he was amazing. He is also a really good lyricist, too, in my opinion. His voice is so amazing, and I’m always telling my parents I want to be a female version of him.”

Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer poses in a record store
Photo by Joseph McClure

“America’s Got Talent” is currently in production with a spin-off show called “AGT Fantasy League,” in which teams of contestants pair up with judges and compete with one another. Lynne said, “I tried to do something different. I didn’t want to do the same things I have done in the past. Music is an area that I want to continue to grow in. It’s a challenge that I love. Music is a therapeutic way to share my feelings and my voice.” 

Oklahoma will be watching and listening as Darci Lynne continues to grow in the scope of her impressive talents. At some point in 2024, she will release her EP of original music, and we will happily wait to see her evolve.

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