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Day in the Life: Victor Flores

President of the Oklahoma Tribal Finance Consortium and Redw Principal Victor Flores starts his day well before the sun rises.

Victor Flores is the president of the Oklahoma Tribal Finance Consortium, working to change and align how Oklahoma’s tribes conduct business. And, he’s the principal of Redw, one of this region’s largest advisory and accounting firms. He crams both of those full-time responsibilities in each day, along with a host of other commitments and a good dose of after-hours entertainment too.

4:30 a.m. Before the sun is up, I start the day reading articles from the Wall Street Journal and any other articles I see that catch my eye. 

5 a.m. I try to do 30 minutes on my elliptical or I mix it up with some work on the punching bag in my room. Today, it was a bit of both to get the heart pumping.

5:30-6:30 a.m. As I get ready in my bedroom, I’m watching the news. In the bathroom, I’m listening to some motivational pump up music on YouTube to get me going. 

7:30-8 a.m. Make my commute from north Edmond to downtown.

8 a.m. Work meeting at Harvey Bakery and Kitchen. I met with some people to follow up from a recent conference working on Indian affairs issues. 

9 a.m. Attended my United Way Communications and Events Board Committee meeting. We reviewed any communications and marketing plans that we’re rolling out as well as discussed future events. 

10 a.m. Met with the Dodgers Foundation Board to be interviewed to join the board. I got in! And I can’t wait to join and help them anyway I can.

11:30 a.m. I was asked to present at Rotary 29, representing the Greater Oklahoma City Asian Chamber and explaining the new chamber’s mission and purpose. I also serve as the Greater OKC Asian Chamber Vice President.

1 p.m. I met with my executive assistant Brea to go through upcoming meetings and appointments for the upcoming next few days.

1:30-3 p.m. I had 30-minute meetings with several tribal clients talking with tribal leaders and tribal finance executives to solve issues ranging from audit and accounting consultation to just a whole bunch of other services our firm provides to tribal nations.

3-3:30 p.m. Met with Joe Dorman, who is CEO at the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, to see how we might be able to work together. 

3:30-5 p.m. My team and I head over to the UCO Accounting Career Fair. We got to talk to a lot of students who could be potential employees. 

5:30 p.m. Stop by the Edmond Chamber’s Thirsty Thursday networking event at The Frosted Mug. Talked with some friends and work associates. It was a great way to wind down after a busy day. 

7 p.m. After a stop home to get ready, I arrive at La Brasa for an invite-only Hamptons-themed party. It was just a couple hundred of my closest friends having a great time, all dressed in white. 

10 p.m.-ish I head home for a nightcap and bed before getting up to do it all again.

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