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Deck the Table … for Afternoon Tea

  One of my favorite indulgences is afternoon tea.

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One of my favorite indulgences is afternoon tea. Known also by the name “high tea,” this small meal, usually in the mid-afternoon and accompanied by savory and sweet small bites, seems like an ultimate luxury. 


It is the perfect occasion to bring out the tea set, china and silver, and bedeck your table with treats galore. Especially during the holiday season, afternoon tea begs to be savored, fire roaring and the tea flowing surrounded by garlands, evergreen and holly. 


That is the grand version. However, one with less pomp and spectacle is also just as enjoyable. Simple fare and a “cuppa” are easy enough to do, and truly, the point is to sit for a moment, alone or with company, and take the time to enjoy the small meal, visit or just be still. Even when the chaos of the holidays isn’t like it used to be, there is still reason to carve out some time to do this. In fact, it may be more important than ever. Take a seat, let the tea steep and enjoy the peace. 


Pastries courtesy Quincy Bake Shop.


China, silver and linens courtesy BC Clark Jewelers.